Getting Down with Turbine Systems

I was hoping to write about my flying adventure this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I’m a bit bummed. The plan was to take my best friend from college flying for the first time in a small plane. We were going to head up to Montauk so I could fly up the southern coast of Long Island and see the Atlantic Ocean and fly back along the northern coast and see Connecticut and the Long Island Sound. The ceilings were a bit low, they were jumping around a lot and I just didn’t trust that I wouldn’t fly into the soup at some point. Then AD went down for maintenance as well in the middle of the day. Oh well, we’re trying again in May!

photo 1-3Dispatcher training is going well. I’m 30% through my online course section of it and just finished Boeing 737 systems. It was slow going because at the start I knew NOTHING about turbine systems. Luckily, Jake to the rescue had the perfect book for me. The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual by Greg Brown and Mark Holt. I’m already part of Greg Brown’s Student Pilot Pep Talk Group on Facebook, so I knew his book was going to be SO helpful, and he didn’t let me down! This book is great for someone who doesn’t know anything about turbine systems and wants to learn. I can’t praise it enough, I was able to take the information from this book and apply to it the 737. While I still need work on the 737 systems to really understand and feel confident, I’ve passed all my tests on it for now but it will be an integral part of my exam from the FAA at the end of the course. Next up, learning all about instrument stuff which will be great and helpful for me pursuing my instrument rating as well!

photo 2-3Work has been crazy busy for me. I’ve had the great opportunity to work THREE Broadway opening nights, all within a week so it was a bit hectic and put a lot of other things in my life on hold. I found out I’m working with the company for a couple more weeks as Tony nominations come out. Oh, the life of a freelancer. But I can say it was amazing, especially since I got to attend the party after the stars showed up and wear fancy dresses! I may be a pilot, but I’m still a girly girl most times.

As for my “Goals for 2014“, I like to think I’m making progress, especially since the half way mark is fast approaching! Not skydiving planned yet, but it just started warming up. The novels have taken a backseat because I’ve been too interested in aviation reading, but I’ve made some good progress on the movies and getting healthier. The ratings though, I need to get some work done of those. I have bought my own foggles in preparation…they’re pink! I can’t wait to wear them on a flight. I plan to take Jake on some of my cross country building flights and he can be my safety pilot…or well he can still sign as a CFII, which I might let him. I just have to get my finances in order to figure out what ratings I can plausibly get with what I have in my bank account!

I hope to share flying experiences soon! In the meantime, I have some new swag for my luggage. I made the sectional tag and it can be found at my Etsy store: putaplaneonit The others I found at, they’re so cute!

photo 3-3 photo 4-3


7 thoughts on “Getting Down with Turbine Systems

  1. Thank you, Caitlin! I’m so glad you’re finding “The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual” valuable! I was also interested to learn about the other side of your life as Broadway stage manager. My oldest son Hannis is Associate Producer for Q2, WNYC’s contemporary classical station, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you share some common friends on the music side. Keep kickin’! Greg

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad Jake decided it was one of his favorite/most important books when we did a purge a year ago! I see why he thought that now.
      Maybe we do! If I know of anyone who works there I’ll definitely ask. If not friends, definitely friends of friends.

  2. After playing catch-up this week with all my missed posts from followed blogs, I believe I’m most excited to read through your current and no-doubt upcoming information on your ADX! It’s a career path someone on my in-law family side started but never completed and I never thought about it again until now!

    You have a wonderful resource – the boyfriend – for anything aviation related and it’s fantastic that it’s shared. It got me thinking to add the ADX to my list of possible back-up plans, especially since I’m a sucker for math and calculations. I believe it’s time to start reviewing – albeit at a very high level – some of the material just to have a feel for what I’d be up against. Can’t wait for more!

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