Aviatrixes Who Inspire Me

Sidenote: I had a dilemma – aviatrixes or aviatrices – Merriam Webser said both were correct FYI.

There have been many pilots who have been important to me and becoming the pilot (and person!) I am so far. My CFI, John, Lynda from GWW, Larry who is flight lead for the Geico Skytypers, Greg Brown because of his awesome group, Lindsay and her blog, my other GWW friends Caylee, and Amber, and many more!

Two female pilots really stick out to me and really inspire me though: Global Girl (ex-Gulfstream Girl, i.e. Nadia Marcinko) and Amelia Rose Earhart. These two women know how to publicize themselves, and I wish I could harness that power like them and do good with it and amazing things like them.

Nadia was actually my first CFI for two lessons, while that didn’t work out, I still look up to her and think she does incredible things. Gulfstreams are AMAZING, but she seems to fly a Phenom now, which is still pretty darn cool. But I love that she goes to all these aviation events, other girls in science events, and cool new technology things. The downside to her I think is that while her goal is to get more girls interested in aviation, it seems mostly men follow her and comment on her posts. Oh well. Her page did help inspire me to actually take action on my flight training, so it does work for some girls!

Amelia Rose Earhart is fascinating to me now. I LOVE that she started Fly With Amelia Foundation and wish I could do the same thing, but never know where to get started! Also her upcoming flight around the world, you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on that! Again, it’s so inspiring and I wish I could do things like that, just have no clue where to start. I have the ideas, but putting those ideas into action is where I start struggling.

These women though inspire and push me to reach higher. I may not know where to start, but I have the drive and will figure something out. I think that’s important in aviation, to have someone to inspire you to push further than you thought you could (safely, of course!). The Golden Age of Aviation was all about that in the 20s and 30s, why shouldn’t it still be about that?

Who are your aviation inspirations?

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